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November 2017

Internal launches IRIS, a repackaged product of CAPTORIA with a pivoted strategy, as an openly available software for the web-development industry. IRIS uses the central concept of Captoria (images with sound) and reapplies it to a B2B model, while retaining the principle of images with sound. The software was applied to the Internal digital portfolio before releasing it as a publicly available software in November, 2017.


Summer 2017

CAPTORIA is 'aquired' by Internal in the Autumn of 2017 to allow it to trade under a single umbrella while maximising its intellectual property within the Internal portfolio.


May, 2017

CAPTORIA attends Collision Conference 2017, once again held in New Orleans, LA.


April 1st, 2017

CAPTORIA launches. The live platform, which was available free for iOS users, launches (coined as an April Fools prank) as the live platform for images with sound.



The CAPTORIA BETA closes to allow for development of the brand and product prior to official launch 4 months later. 


April 2016

CAPTORIA exhibit at the renowned Collision Conference, New Orleans, LA to continue their BETA testing.


June 2015

CAPTORIA launches its first BETA platform. The BETA was open for 18 months until December, 2016.