If you asked Piccasso to copy Monet, why would he say yes?


InHouse is a creative extension of the Tom Martin London design team. We provide external clients with brand development and management, with specialist focus on the luxurary consumer goods sector.


An extension of the in-house design team at Tom Martin London, an artistically driven product company with a customer base on five continents, InHouse provide select clients with a human-led approach to brand development and management with specialist focus on the luxury consumer goods sector.

Through the provision of brand design, development and management, we provide our clients with a tailored, cohesive and clarified approach to their business, working in partnership with staff and the strategic vision of the company's leadership.  


Our approach to Design and growth


The InHouse process is governed by our house approach, a minimal yet warm approach to design, marrying evolving design trends and metric-led engagement with classical approaches to consumer interaction.

We offer a tailored approach within the boundaries of our expertise, a signature style and approach developed over consecutive years of growing Tom Martin London.

We do not discriminate on size. We simply love to work with open-minded and adventurous people who understand the potential of a brand to transform a business.